Knight Rider: Knight Fever

Friday 29th January 8.00pm

The reinvented action series continues. This week, the team races to halt the spread of a deadly computer virus. When KITT becomes infected, the SSC faces an uncertain future.

KITT and Mike prepare to intercept a truck on the motorway. Mike asks Billy what is in the vehicle. “All I know is we’re supposed to stop the bad guys,” he responds. Suddenly, a motorcycle gang speeds alongside the truck and climbs on board. Mike pulls in front of the vehicle, causing one of the gang to drop a vial. A pulsating metallic virus begins engulfing anything electronic. Most of the gang are killed instantly when their hi-tech body armour is affected by the strange virus. The truck is forced to an abrupt halt, and Mike sees one of the gunmen escape on a Harley.

Mike and KITT race back to the SSC. A furious Torres insists that KITT’s EMP was set too high, killing the bikers. However, Graiman confronts Torres about the incident. “I don’t like you blaming KITT – this is the Arrow virus,” he says. Graiman goes on to explain that the Arrow virus is a nanovirus that attacks technology in the same way an organic virus attacks humans. If the Harley is a carrier, it could destroy everything in a 500-mile radius – and if the virus uploads itself to the phone lines, it could result in a global disaster.

Mike finds Sarah, who has already worked out that the Arrow virus killed the men. They calculate the Harley’s escape route and decide it will eventually stop for gas. Mike and KITT set off to find the biker and track him down to a gas station, where the virus begins to mutate. “Drop your shields,” Graiman warns from the SSC. KITT then locates the Harley, but in order to take out the power lines he is forced to withdraw his shields and risk infection. “We have it contained,” says a relieved Billy.

Back at the SSC, Sarah and Graiman discuss the virus, which they know was sold to the Defense Department five years ago by Graiman’s former assistant and Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan Arrow. The pair track Ryan down to a bar and request his expertise. “You owe me a dance,” he tells Sarah, reminding her that they were supposed to go dancing the night she broke up with him. Sarah asks Ryan to help them contain the virus, but he tells her that it is out of his hands – the military altered his invention and he has no idea how to stop it.

Ryan takes Graiman, Sarah and Mike to his compound in the woods. He continues to insist that he has no idea how to halt the spread of the virus.

However, back at the SSC, Rivai discovers that Ryan is still on the payroll of the Defense Department. Mike asks KITT to pull up the blueprints of Ryan’s house and notices a hidden lead-lined room. He confronts the scientist and tells Sarah not to trust him. “If he sold out then why is he still on the DD payroll?” he shouts. Ryan takes the team to his underground lab. He admits he discovered the Defense Department was transporting the virus and stole it back.

Unable to reach Mike and Sarah in the underground lab, Torres and Rivai order KITT to take out the compound and allow the virus to burn itself out. However, KITT has become infected with the Arrow virus and fails to check if the house is empty! Mike overhears KITT arming his missiles and orders him to abort, but to no avail. Mike, Graiman and Sarah manage to escape, but Ryan insists on going back for the virus and is killed in the blast.

On the way back to the SSC, KITT tells Mike his scans are clean and he does not know what malfunctioned. “What part of ‘abort, abort’ do you not understand?” Mike snaps back. When they reach the base, the virus jumps from KITT into a wall vent. Graiman decides to decommission KITT until they know what is wrong. But when Torres picks up the phone to call Washington, the virus jumps out of the receiver. The team is forced to initiate full quarantine – can they stop the virus and save KITT?

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