Knight Rider: Knight of the Zodiac

Friday 15th January 8.00pm

The reinvented action series continues its run. This week, Mike goes undercover in a Las Vegas casino to prevent a major heist. Elsewhere, sparks fly when Charles’s old flame Tess Landafly visits the SSC to undertake an eco-audit.

KITT and Mike stake out a parking lot and apprehend a man who has stolen a hard drive containing sensitive information from an FBI office. Rivai brings the man in for questioning and leans on him for more information. “There are antiterrorism files on this hard drive,” she shouts. “Have you ever heard of the Patriot Act?” The man shows her a distinctive zodiac ring and claims he is ‘Virgo’, part of a gang targeting casinos. He agrees to give the team information about a forthcoming heist in return for immunity.

Rivai learns that none of the zodiac gang have ever seen each other, and decides to send Mike undercover as Virgo. She gives him the zodiac ring and sends him to the Corsica casino in Las Vegas to meet the gang leader, Capricorn. To Mike’s irritation, she decides to send Billy along as backup. “Dude, I will not disappoint you,” the lovable geek promises. “How do you plan on finding the zodiac gang?” KITT asks. “I imagine they’ll find me,” Mike replies.

Upon arrival at the casino, KITT warns Mike he is being followed. He ducks into a bathroom and wrestles his pursuer to the ground – only to discover it is none other than gang leader Capricorn. The sleazy criminal takes Mike to his warehouse lair to meet the rest of the zodiac team – pickpocket Scorpio, weapons expert Gemini, technology buff Leo and beautiful ‘distraction’ Aquarius. The crew toasts to the future.

Mike discovers that Capricorn is Steven Cordova, security chief at the Corsica. He has been using his position to launder money, but the casino is due to be sold and his job is under threat. He is therefore planning a huge final job. Mike faces a sticky moment when Cordova realises the fingerprints from his champagne glass do not match his ID – but with some technological trickery from KITT, he manages to pull up a fake ID to explain the discrepancy. “That’s good. That’s very good,” Cordova says.

The gang relaxes by the pool before Cordova explains their next target – the Corsica casino itself. A rich Chinese industrialist is scheduled to visit the Corsica. By law, the casino cage must hold enough cash to cover his bets – $31 million. Leo will disable communication, Gemini will hold off the guards, Scorpio will steal a special magnetic key with Aquarius’s help and Mike will cut the power, use the key to enter the cage and take off with the money. The crew is shocked to learn that the heist is planned for that afternoon.

Mike learns that there is a ‘win this car’ competition with a sight line to the cage, and smuggles KITT into the casino disguised as a Ford Flex. KITT keeps the cameras running in order to get video evidence of the zodiac gang. The heist works according to plan, but when Mike returns to the warehouse, he is shocked to discover his cover is blown. “The real Virgo was never that good,” Cordova sneers. Can KITT save Mike’s skin?

Elsewhere, Charles’s former lover, Pentagon representative Tess Landafly, visits the SSC to report on their green credentials. Later she asks Charles about KITT’s propulsion system and suggests that if he gives her the information she may file a more favourable report. “Things don’t look good for you here – the SSC is in major carbon deficit,” she warns. Can Charles trust his old flame?

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