Last Woman Standing: Natalie Smith

Not only is Natalie a kettlebell lifter, she is also a keen cycler, rock climber and long-distance runner and was even crowned an adult champion dancer at the age of 18.

Geordie Natalie has only ever left the UK twice, for weekend breaks to Europe. How will she cope on a round-the-world journey that will take her to some of the toughest places of earth?

She says: “I’ve never been anywhere that’s needed sun factor.”

Although Natalie admits that she is a bit scared of training in the heat, she adds: “I’m just gonna have to try and push through the pain barrier if I can, which I am well known for doing.”

Natalie was keen to get involved in Last Woman Standing because she was intrigued by the challenge and adventure of travelling the world and competing at new sports.

One of Natalie’s high points comes during the Water Rafting race: she is really daunted going into the competition as she has a real fear of water so she feels as though she has really overcome something when she manages to complete the training, especially when their raft capsizes.

Natalie finds the way that different cultures treat their animals pretty difficult and, for her, that is one of the lowest points of the trip.

Since she was a teenager she has wanted to be a firefighter because that meets her fitness and sense of community interests. But, since the travelling experience, she is also looking at other options.

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