Bridezillas: S06E17

Wednesday 3rd February 11.00pm

The reality series following some particularly demanding brides-to-be as they prepare for their impending nuptials continues. In this instalment, 30-year-old actress Kirsten from Florida upsets the band leader on her special day by refusing to pay him, while 27-year-old store manager LaJune prepares for her wedding by accusing her former best friend of having an affair with her fiancé.

This week’s first blushing bride-to-be is 30-year-old Floridian Kirsten Stiff, a canine tutu designer and part-time actress. Kirsten’s wedding is to be a “multi-media extravaganza” complete with singing, dancing, videos, choreographed dogs, a trapeze artist, a cocktail hour, a five-course meal and a charity auction. However, with so many things organised, there is a lot that can go wrong…

Kirsten is accustomed to getting what she wants by crying and stamping her feet, but it seems the act may be wearing a little thin. On the day of the wedding, the band leader refuses to tolerate Kirsten’s manipulative behaviour, so the bride refuses to pay him. Could things possibly get any worse for the happy couple?

Next it is the turn of 27-year-old LaJune, a demanding store manager who insists that her wedding “just better be perfect”. At her bachelorette party, this fiery Texan partook in a dance-off that ended up in a fight with another bride-to-be – so the wedding organisers will be keen to get this one right!

In the run-up to her big day, LaJune has a great deal of trouble with her bridesmaids, in particular her diminutive maid of honour, Tonya. However, the biggest problem is Tasha, LaJune’s former best friend. Tasha once dated LaJune’s fiancé, Dimitrius, and the paranoid bride-to-be is convinced the pair have been at it again…

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