Bridezillas: S06E19

Thursday 18th February 8.00pm

The reality series following some particularly demanding brides-to-be as they prepare for their impending nuptials continues. In this instalment, Lacey makes a spectacle of herself at her fiancé’s bachelor party, and LaDrienna struggles to fit into her wedding dress.

This week’s first bride-to-be is Oklahoma-based bride Lacey Jordan. One wedding band is normally enough for most girls – but Lacey will only be satisfied with a double whammy! As the wedding day approaches, Lacey makes a spectacle of herself by dancing on stage at the strip club where her fiancé is hosting his bachelor party.

Lacey continues to defy all logic by insisting on an outdoor ceremony – during tornado season in Oklahoma – and refusing to devise a back-up plan. When the big day arrives, so does a major storm – and with the bride still refusing to take the ceremony indoors, will the entire wedding be swept away?

Next up is 32-year-old project coordinator LaDrienna McMillian. This far-from-blushing bride complains that no one is assisting her with the wedding planning – but if they try to help, she refuses to let them! LaDrienna begins by kicking out four bridesmaids who fail to make it to her bachelorette party, and then refuses to pay a 12- cent charge at the florist!

LaDrienna continues her bridal bad behaviour by returning her wedding presents before she is even hitched! However, her biggest fear is that her dress is not going to fit. She keeps gaining weight because of the ‘stress’ – plus her love of cake and doughnuts. LaDrienna refuses to work out, so she is crossing her fingers she will be able to fit into her dress. Could her big day turn into a big squeeze?

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