Chinese Food in Minutes: S01E02

Tuesday 16th February 7.30pm

The series focusing on the joys of Chinese cookery continues. In each episode, Ching-He Huang coaches two novices who have never before cooked Chinese food. Can she separate the Szechuan supremos from the dumpling dunces? In this episode, two barmen tackle a chicken and snake bean stir-fry.

Chinese food was recently declared the nation’s favourite takeaway. With more and more people turning to the joys of cooking at home, chef and bestselling author Ching-He Huang is set to bring her mouthwatering recipes into British homes.

In each episode, Ching prepares three delicious versions of authentic Chinese dishes and takeaway classics. Watching her are two participants who have never attempted to cook Chinese cuisine before. Ching’s students will try to reproduce the recipes they have been taught and cook a fabulous feast to serve to their friends at the end of the show.

Ching begins by visiting London’s Chinatown to source her ingredients, and teaches her pupils how to select the best products. Armed with her trusty wok, gas canister and cool bags, Ching then sets up her outdoor kitchen and cooks two recipes. She explains every step of the process, from storage and preparation to the various cooking styles.

Next, Ching takes her students to a warehouse kitchen where they have the chance to recreate their mentor’s dishes. Once they have collected the ingredients and utensils they need, they set to work. Ching then makes a third course designed to complement the meal. She also gives viewers at home her own tips, tackling a different aspect of Chinese cookery each week.

When the volunteers are ready to entertain their friends and family, everybody tucks in. Ching then delivers her final verdict, identifying the best dish of the bunch – and the bottom of the class…

In this instalment, two busy barmen want to ditch their late-night takeaways and learn some fast, fresh wok classics. On the menu is a saucy chicken and snake bean stir-fry, sweet-and-sour duck and sizzling yellow bean scallops with wild rice salad.

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