Critic spouts off when it wasn't asked for on Ricky Gervais spouting off when it wasn't asked for

Ricky Gervais. There’s no questioning his impact on the world of comedy is there? Even if you want to punch his head like a pillow in an anger management group, you still have to concede that his TV shows have been great.

However, since Extras finished up, Gervais has clearly had more time on his hands.

Sure, he’s been doing his books and so-so films, but it’s obvious that he’s been sat around bored, flicking idly through the TV channels and screwing his fangy little gob up at Twitter.

His latest target is comedy panel shows.

Yep, Gervais is moaning that they have no longevity. Speaking to The Sun he ruled out an appearance on QI and 8 Out Of 10 Cats.

“I’d love to do things like QI – but what’s the best that can happen? I’m on telly for half an hour and they go ‘Oh, he’s funny’. Yeah, I’m meant to be funny, thank you!”

He added: “Myself and Steve write things that are global, universal and have a legacy. The Office is shown in 90 countries, it’s had seven remakes and people are still buying the DVD. Now, you can’t say that about panel shows.

“They’re today’s news and as good as they are, you don’t go, ‘I think I’m going to sit down and watch the 2005 edition of 8 Out Of 10 Cats DVD’, do you!”

Well, durrrr.

See, topical programmes aren’t supposed to have longevity you twerp. The amount of shows that only make sense at the time of broadcast are a stable of comedy TV. Look at The Frost Report, Have I Got News For You?, You Have Been Watching and… you get the idea.

It seems a bit churlish for someone to have a swipe at other comedians because they deal with current events on TV, rather than sitting down and writing a sitcom – god knows there’s been more dodgy sitcoms than there has panel shows.

And let’s not forget, Mr Gervais kickstarted his TV career by appearing on topical programme, The 11 O’Clock show.

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