Extreme Fishing with Robson Green: S03E03

Saturday 6th February 9.00pm

The fishing adventure series with Robson Green continues. This week, Robson travels to China, where fishing is a very big deal. He encounters the revered big-headed carp in Qiandao, eats his own octopus catch in Xiu Shan, attempts the ancient art of cormorant fishing on the Longhu river and enters a prestigious fishing tournament.

China is the world’s largest consumer of fish, with 11,000 miles of coastline, 3,000 lakes and 1,500 rivers at its disposal. The Chinese have devised all kinds of strange and ingenious fishing techniques, and Robson is about to experience one of the most extraordinary. At Qiandao lake, he joins 100 locals who are after the most revered fish in China – the stunning big-headed carp. Helping them to pull in a huge net containing thousands of jumping, thrashing carp, Robson then samples the catch – including the delights of carp lips and eyeballs!

New gastronomic experiences also await Robson at his next stop. In Xiu Shan, to the south-east of Shanghai, Robson spends a day hunting octopus in the mud. After hours of futile digging, and a lot of help from local expert Zhang, Robson finally snags himself a tentacled catch. Then it is on to the nearest floating restaurant for an eat-what-youcatch banquet. Robson has eaten octopus before, but never the head – or the three hearts!

Next, Robson arrives at the Longhu River for one of the world’s most iconic and ancient fishing methods: cormorant fishing. These elegant birds have been trained to dive down and catch fish for Chinese fishermen for over 1,000 years – but the method relies entirely on the harmony between man and bird. Unfortunately for Robson, his bird is more interested in escaping than helping him!

Finally, Robson gets to use a traditional rod and reel – in the prestigious Dongtou International Fishing Tournament. The only European in a field of more than 100 competitors from all over Asia, Robson is under big pressure. The aim is to catch as many highly prized black sea bream as possible – will Robson make it into the Chinese top 40?

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