February 16 2010

  • Josh and India share a kiss
  • Nancy is shocked to discover that Des has moved in
  • Theresa decides to move to London with Kathleen

Rhys, Josh, and India

There’s a band playing at The Loft and Josh asks India if she’d like to go with him; India says that she’s going anyway but she then catches Josh’s drift and realises that he’s asking her out on a date.

As Josh and India show up to watch the band, Josh decides to stick to the orange juice this evening after what happened yesterday.

Although Josh starts out on the orange juice, when Rhys starts buying the drinks he orders vodka and orange juice for an unaware Josh.

With confidence increased from the alcohol, Josh and India begin to start kissing.

As Josh continues to sink down the drinks, Dave tells Josh about an after party and so Dave, Josh, India, and Sasha head out to go to it.

When Charlotte mentions the after party to Rhys, Rhys is alarmed to hear that Josh is going to be driving and so tries to give him a call on his mobile to warn him.

When Rhys is unable to get through on the mobile he runs out to try and catch Josh, they’re already driving down the road however and Rhys is too late to stop them.

Nancy, Kris, Des, and Elliot

When Nancy wakes up with a hangover she is shocked to see Des in the house; Nancy doesn’t remember asking him to move in and the night before is all now a bit of a blur.

Although she doesn’t remember asking, Nancy is happy for Des to stay, when she’s trying to concentrate on some work and Des is chomping on an apple she gets angry however and tells him how she feels.

Asking Elliot for input, Elliot tells Nancy that he’d rather listen to Des chomping than her moaning and storms out with his laptop to get some peace.

When Nancy eventually catches up with Elliot she apologises, Elliot is clearly angry with the lack of quiet he’s currently getting though and is finding it very hard to concentrate on university.

Sitting down to dinner, Elliot and Des discuss the situation with Nancy and make plans to set Nancy up with Kris again in the hope that this will get her off their case.

Elliot convinces Kris to go to the salon later, Des meanwhile convinces Nancy to treat herself and o Kris and Nancy begin to get ready to go out to the salon, unaware that they’ve been set up.

Theresa and Kathleen

Theresa is angry with Kathleen for the lack of effort that she’s making with the family, Kathleen shows little sign that she wants to change though and this is something that disappoints Theresa.

As Kathleen tells Theresa that she’s not wanted at her Nan’s or at Myra’s she informs her that she plans to move to London and asks Theresa to move there with her; Theresa is reluctant to leave her friends and family but when Kathleen forces Theresa chooses her to choose between her and Myra, Theresa is forced into an uncomfortable decision to move to London.

Jacqui and Carmel are both really nice to Theresa when she arrives back home, and unable to find the words to tell them that she’s off, Theresa heads straight up to her room to pack.

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