Kim Kardashian to bring us The SPINdustry

There’s a game of cat and mouse that goes on between writers and PR people (those are the companies that send us press releases about new shows and tittle tattle and the like).

Writers resent PR people because they get paid more… and because for the most part, they send millions of press releases that have nothing to do with what the writers works on (for example, I got six this morning about eco-wedding dresses from the same idiot).

In turn, PR people probably hate us writers because we don’t have to kiss arse everyday and deal with absolute cretins from the salesworld.

As such, there’s an unhealthy bickering that goes on behind closed doors about each other.

Now, it’s about to increase tenfold as Kim Kardashian (Who? Never mind. She had a ‘tape’ leaked if you catch my drift) has stepped behind the camera to produce a documentary for the E! network all about PR.

The show, called The SPINdustry, centers on the world of celebrity PR, with publicists Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck of Command PR as the focus.

The reality star created the concept for the special, which she said she hopes will evolve into a series.

“I really liked being behind the scenes,” Kardashian told E! Online. “It was very productive and just the fact that I came up with this concept and to see it come to life… I love behind-the-scenes work and I see myself doing that more.”

Cheban said that he found Kardashian surprisingly professional and strong-willed. “Kim was a bossy boss!” he revealed. “She’s demanding, but she does it with that incredible smile, so it’s hard to argue with her!”

The special focuses on an event the publicists are organising for Mel B, but Kardashian explained that she already has a list of celebrities she would like to feature if it turns into a series.

“Everyone from Tori Spelling to Mario Lopez,” she said. “There’s so many people I’d love to have on the show!”

This show is almost 100% guaranteed to get bad reviews from writers wanting their own back.

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