Little Princess Series 3 Premiere: I Want My Horace

Weekdays at 7.05am

The delightful preschool series based on the books by Tony Ross returns for a brand new series. The only child of the loving king and queen, the cheeky princess has her castle home and its grounds at her disposal. By her side are her beloved pets – Puss and Scruff – who have their own adventures in each story. And the princess does not go anywhere without her favourite teddy, Gilbert.

Little Princess is full of energy, charm and questions about how the world works. As with most little children, she has an impressive curiosity and is stubborn when things do not go her way. But however demanding Little Princess gets, no one can stay angry with her for long.

The princess also has a host of adult friends who live at the castle. Amongst these are Maid, General, Chef, Admiral, Prime Minister and Gardener. And whilst the grown-ups are always on hand to play with the princess and offer helpful advice, sometimes it is not all that clear who is more mature!

Featuring the vocal talents of Jane Horrocks (the eponymous heroine) and Julian Clary (the narrator), ‘Little Princess’ invites all children and those who look after them to laugh and learn.

In ‘I Want My Horace’ on Monday, Little Princess is delighted when Great Uncle Walter’s Shetland pony Horace comes to stay – until she discovers how stubborn the animal is…

On Tuesday, in ‘I Want My Treehouse’, Little Princess is busy making a treehouse when she discovers that Algie and Maid are building one in the tree next door! A competition to see who can build the best treehouse is soon underway…

Wednesday’s episode is ‘I Don’t Like Arguments’. Little Princess is trying to paint a picture, but General and Maid are in the middle of a very noisy argument. If the princess wants to finish her picture, she is going to have to help them make friends again…

In ‘I Want to Skate’ on Thursday, Little Princess is learning to roller skate, but it’s not easy! However, when she finds out that her dad cannot skate either, the princess decides to keep on trying.

The last episode of the week is ‘I Want to Cut Out’ on Friday. Little Princess uses the scissors and glue without permission and ruins the brand new dress given to her by Great Aunty. Can she repair the damage – or will she have to own up?

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