Prison Wives Series Premiere

Everyday From 1st February, 10.00pm

Each episode of Prison Wives profiles the dramatic story of a woman who has fallen in love with and married a prisoner behind bars. With in-depth interviews, documentary footage and dramatic recreations, it tells a tale of crime and punishment, love and redemption. Some of the women include Pam Booker, a trained social worker, who is married to Lance, serving two life sentences without parole for first-degree murder. Follow her fight to get him released, and her preparations for a conjugal visit. And Elli Panitz who has stuck by her husband despite him being convicted of seconddegree murder and serving a life sentence. Elli is trying to get Ralf transferred to Germany to serve the remainder of his term, as they’re both German nationals. Just the ordinary lives for whom marriage is a match made in prison.

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