Product placement good to go in UK

The culture secretary, Ben Bradshaw, has confirmed that the government will allow product placement in television programmes for the first time.

In a written ministerial statement, Bradshaw said the new regime would “provide meaningful commercial benefits to commercial television companies and programme-makers while taking account of the legitimate concerns that have been expressed”.

Those legitimate concerns will no doubt be people like me, whining about how TV could be ruined by people weeping uncontrollably in a drama, only to stop and drink a can of pop in profile and then winking into camera burping the latest marketing slogan.

Not that this would ever happen you understand.

He said that, apart from Denmark, the UK was the only EU member that had yet to allow television product placement or express a firm intention to do so.

“Not to do so would jeopardise the competitiveness of UK programme-makers as against the rest of the EU, and this is something which we cannot afford to do,” he said.

Alcoholic drinks, foods and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar, gambling, smoking accessories, over-the-counter medicines, and infant formula and follow-on formula won’t be allowed on-air… so expect to see cars and technology featuring heavily, as seen in the James Bond films.

ITV will be the broadcaster who stands to gain most from this.

They said: “While we do not necessarily agree with the restrictions placed on certain categories, it is a step in the right direction as it will deliver additional revenue for investment in original content in the UK.”

What do you think? Could this be bad for British TV?

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