Thomas & Friends: Toby’s New Whistle

Weekdays at 8.25am

The ever-popular children’s animation continues. Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the stories, this new series is wholly produced in CGI, bringing a fresh, modern look to Sodor and giving the characters greater freedom to move.

The latest series of ‘Thomas & Friends’ features a number of new characters. Victor is the manager of the Sodor steam works. He is a very busy engine, but has a heart of gold and a good sense of humour. Kevin is a friendly crane who works with Victor at the steam works. While he may be inexperienced, he’s always ready to lend a helping hook. Hiro, meanwhile, was the first steam engine to arrive on the island. Originally known as the Master of the Railway, Hiro is one of the oldest and strongest engines on Sodor.

In ‘Toby’s New Whistle’ on Monday, Toby is fitted with a brand new three-chime whistle while his little bell is repaired. Toby finds this new device a bit daunting, so he comes up with a plan…

‘A Blooming Mess’ on Tuesday sees Knapford Station being redecorated. When Mavis does not say hello, Emily assumes she is sad and chuffs to the quarry to cheer her up with some of the new flowers – but disaster strikes!

Wednesday’s episode is ‘Thomas and the Runaway Kite’. The engines are preparing for the Sodor kite gala. The Fat Controller’s grandchildren are up on Gordon’s Hill with their multicoloured kite. When the wind blows their kite away, Thomas promises to catch it for them.

In ‘Steamy Sodor’ on Thursday, Thomas takes over at the steam works for the day when Victor has to leave. Victor tries to tell Thomas how to run the works in his absence, but Thomas doesn’t listen…

The week’s final instalment is ‘Splish Splash Splosh’ on Friday. It’s a rainy day on Sodor, with big puddles everywhere. Thomas decides to have a game of splashing puddles with Rosie. It is such good fun that he forgets to pick up the Fat Controller and Alicia Botti!

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