Archer: Skytanic

Thursday 1 April 2010 at 10.00pm

The acerbic, ribald and outrageously funny adult animation continues. This week, Archer and the ISIS crew jump aboard the airship Excelsiorin order to foil a bomb plot threatening its maiden voyage. Meanwhile, Cyril stows away on the blimp in order to keep an eye on Lana.

Suave Captain Lammers, pilot of the Excelsior, visits ISIS headquarters to request the team’s help after an anonymous caller claims a bomb will be hidden onboard his airship’s first transatlantic flight. Malory immediately agrees to the mission, on one condition – that she be allowed to stay in a first-class suite. The captain is adamant that they are fully-booked, but eventually gives in to Malory’s demands. However, this means that Lana and Archer will have to pose as husband and wife – and share a cabin. Lana is outraged, and begs Malory to let her share her first-class suite. “I need a stateroom to myself – in case I have a… gentleman caller,” Malory claims, staring pointedly at a nervous-looking Captain Lammers.

“I’ve got a terrible, awful, just gut-wrenchingly bad feeling about this,” whines Cyril when he sees the shoebox-sized room and single bed Archer and Lana will be forced to share. Mad with paranoia, Cyril disguises himself as a bellboy so he can stow away on the airship. Meanwhile, Cheryl tricks Pam into boarding the Excelsior, and it promptly leaves with both of them onboard. Cheryl sets about blackmailing Cyril into re-enacting their night of passion, and threatens to tell Lana about their liaison if he fails to comply. “So you’re ruining Cyril’s life because in your dream-the-impossibledream world it’ll make Mr Archer jealous?” asks Pam. “Oh Pamela, you read me like a poem,” Cheryl responds, dreamily – evidently envisioning the moment she finally snares Sterling Archer.

Wracked by guilt, Cyril decides to confess all to Lana. However, when he reaches Lana’s cabin, Cyril finds his girlfriend in her underwear – and a nude Archer hovering in the background. Things go from bad to worse for Cyril when Archer decides to try his hand at gambling with fellow passenger Mr Singh –whom the agent suspects of masterminding the bomb plot, simply because he wears a turban. Archer immediately loses, and leaves the table owing Singh a night with his ‘wife’. He convinces Lana to go to Singh’s room by implying that there is evidence of the bomb hidden in his suite. Archer subsequently directs a half-mad Cyril to Singh’s room, knowing that the sight of Lana with yet another man will push her neurotic boyfriend over the edge.

Meanwhile, Malory confesses that she invented the bomb plot because she was desperate for one of the sold-out suites. But, after spotting eyepatch- wearing co-pilot Lieutenant Krauss emerge from the cargo hold, Archer discovers a huge bomb. Convinced that the German planted it, Lana demands that he disarm the device. “Oh, I get it. The German guy with the scar must be the bad guy,” says Krauss. “Well you know how I got this scar? Saving a Jewish girl from a gang of skinheads.” Lana feels terrible, but tries her luck nonetheless. “Could you be a lamb and disarm it anyway?” she asks Krauss, sweetly. “Ja, probably,” he shrugs, then promptly gets hit by a mystery bullet. But who shot Krauss? And, with the only man equipped to save the day dead, can the bickering ex-lovers stop sniping for long enough to defuse the bomb?


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