Cheryl's mum kicks Ashley out of their home

Cheryl’s mum kicks Ashley out of their home

It seems that X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has decided not to respond to husband Ashley’s pleas for yet another chance as according to a report in the Sunday People, she’s no ordered him out of the home they shared together.

The paper reports that 29 year old Ashley “retreated from the couple’s £6million Surrey mansion only 54 minutes after arriving back there from France on Friday night.”

The article further adds that Cheryl refused to speak to Ashley and had her mum Joan supervise his exit from the house. A source said to be close to Cheryl told the paper, “She wanted absolutely nothing to do with Ashley. He was pleading to see her but she didn’t want to know.

“She didn’t want to hear any excuses or pleas of how he has changed because she knows it’s a load of old rubbish.

“Cheryl had got her mum to pack a lot of Ashley’s belongings into boxes and bags ready for him to pick up but he had a few more things to pack so he was told to take what he needed and leave.

“Cheryl didn’t want to see him nor speak to him. Not a word was uttered between them.

“Joan made sure that he got everything he needed and got out of the house immediately.

“She made it clear he was not welcome and Cheryl had no intention of sorting things out with him.

“Ashley was upset. He really hoped that the time away from Cheryl might have given her a chance to cool off but she is sticking to her guns, she doesn’t want him in her life any more.

“As far as she is concerned, their marriage is no more. Cheryl didn’t want him in the house at all but she knew that he had to come and pick his stuff up.

“Joan made sure he was in and out as quickly as possible. He jumped into the car and sped out of the drive, making sure that waiting photographers weren’t able to see him.

“He knew he had a lot of making up to do but he thought that he would be able to talk Cheryl round. He really didn’t think it would ever come to this.

“After Cheryl took him back the last time, he felt confident that the same would happen this time.

“He thought she would get over it but she just can’t give him another chance.”

More X Factor news soon.

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