CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Internal Combustion

Tuesday 6 April 2010 at 9.00pm on Five

The hit crime drama continues its tenth season. In this episode, the sudden death of a high-school student leads to the discovery of a dead cheerleader in a tree. Just as it is beginning to look like an open-and-shut case, the CSIs uncover a strange connection between the dead teenagers and an underground drag-racing scene.

When 17-year-old Trevor drops dead at school during a confrontation with another pupil, Ray and Al are called in to perform the autopsy. Both pathologists are baffled by the apparent lack of internal or external injuries suffered by their victim. “Healthy young men like this don’t simply drop dead for no reason,” says Ray. “I concur,” agrees Al, opening up the teenager’s skull. “That’s why I’m still looking.” Al lifts off the top half of the skull, and both men gasp as the brain virtually bursts out of the dead youth’s head. Ray immediately suspects that an unknown medical condition may have caused Trevor’s brain to swell following a blow to the head. A few scans support his theory, but the CSIs still need to establish when and how Trevor received the blow that ultimately killed him.

However, the investigators’ attention quickly turns from Trevor to his girlfriend, Cindy, who has not been seen since the night before her boyfriend’s death. At the high school attended by both teenagers, Sara meets Cindy’s best friend, Renata. Renata tells Sara that she has been texting Cindy frantically since learning about Trevor’s death, but has received no replies. Sara recognises that something sinister must be afoot – but has Cindy fled because she was involved in Trevor’s death, or did she come to harm at her boyfriend’s hands?

Meanwhile, Nick inspects Trevor’s beloved car – a vintage hot rod with an electric engine and built-in computer. Ominously, the CSIs find Cindy’s phone inside. “They say the only way to get a teenage girl away from her cellphone is to pry it from her cold, dead hand,” says Nick. “Well, whoever ‘they’ are, let’s hope they’re wrong,” answers Sara. Back at base, Sara finds pictures of Cindy with another guy on her mobile phone, as well as a video of a fistfight between Trevor and the same man. With Cindy still missing, it looks more and more like her boyfriend may have had a motive for murder.

Thanks to the computer in Trevor’s car, the CSIs establish the route of the last journey he took before he died. Using this route as a search perimeter, they discover Cindy’s body in a tree in the middle of the desert. There are no tyre tracks or footprints at the scene, leaving the investigators temporarily baffled as to how Cindy’s body got there. “It’s like she just… fell from the sky,” says Greg. However, Sara’s quick thinking leads them to the answer. “If you take a car travelling at highway speed and you hit someone just right – a girl this size, and this weight – she could fly the length of a football field,” she tells David.

When the CSIs widen their search area accordingly, they discover a trail of blood and two distinct tread marks in the road. It seems that Cindy was hit and thrown hundreds of feet into the air as she waved the starting flag for an illegal drag race. But was Trevor callous enough to flee the scene and leave his girlfriend to die? And how did he sustain the injury that in turn killed him?


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