CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Long Ball

Tuesday 30 March at 9.00pm

The hit crime drama continues its tenth season. In this episode, Langston and his team are called in when a former pro golfer is found dead on a golf course. With suspects ranging from the victim’s angry ex-wife to a disgruntled caddy, the team is faced with a tricky case – and the primary crime scene could be anywhere on the course…

When former pro golfer Russell Huntley is found dead in a golf cart, the CSIs initially believe that the victim bled to death after being shot in the neck. Unfortunately, there is no exit wound, no murder weapon nearby and no primary crime scene – the cart rolled down from a track and could have been travelling from anywhere on the golf course.

The CSIs first speak to Huntley’s ex-wife, Michelle Nagano (Rosalind Chao, ‘The OC’, ‘MASH’, ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’). She is stepmother to Huntley’s golfer son Danny Nagano, who took her name. Michelle recalls the two men fighting on the night Huntley died – the older man was apparently angry with his son for beating his old record. When the CSIs meet up with Danny Nagano, he claims not to have seen Huntley since the altercation.

When the CSIs analyse the golf cart in which Huntley was found, they discover two different types of ball. Huntley’s prints are found on one set, but prints on the other set belong to Danny Nagano’s caddy, John Dudek, and one Erin Nagano. “She’s Michelle’s sister,” realises Catherine. “With her prints all over her sister’s ex’s balls,” adds Langston, slyly.

Erin, a physics student with a criminal record and a penchant for men in the caddying profession, tells Nick that the second set of golf balls is Danny’s – her prints are on them because she gave them to him. She adds that Huntley was an unpleasant man who treated her sister and his son badly – a revelation that puts both relatives in the frame for murder.

Golf caddy John Dudek also becomes a suspect when it emerges that he is a former pro whose career was derailed when Huntley exposed him for taking performance-enhancing drugs. “What do you want me to say?” he asks Langston. “That I killed Russell because he ruined my life?” Huntley famously abhorred cheating, as Nick later points out: “Honour the game above all else.” The CSIs begin to wonder if Danny Nagano incurred his father’s wrath when he too was exposed as a cheat. However, Catherine suggests that this idea “sounds like a better theory for father killing son.”

As the CSIs ponder who else might have wanted Russell Huntley dead, Hodges continues to search for a primary crime scene. With a handful of equally viable suspects and an irritating paucity of evidence, are Langston and his team about to lose this round?


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