Harry Hill's TV Burp to remain on ITV

Hey everyone! This is seriously great news!

Harry Hill has signed (a multi-million pound two-year) deal with ITV to make more series of TV Burp and You’ve Been Framed.

This new agreement will see TV Burp on our screens until 2012.

There’s been a lot (beyond the usual murmurs… it was more like a loud shouting fest) that Hill was going to jump ship to Sky and thereby, deny all us cheapskates who don’t have a Sky subscription our Burp fix.

As well as keeping TV Burp on our screens, ITV also has an option to extend the deal and order two more series as well as keeping Hill doing his withering voiceovers on You’ve Been Framed.

More crucially (in terms of the deal), ITV have agreed to develop new programme formats for Hill.

He has already won several Bafta awards for the long-running ITV1 show TV Burp and won big audiences.

“If you’re a light entertainer there’s really only one place to be on a Saturday night, and that’s ITV,” said Hill.

While that may not be strictly true, this is wonderful news for all concerned!

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