Jason Manford to bring back variety (not that anyone asked for it)

Jason Manford has promised that his new show Comedy Rocks will feature old fashioned variety. Yeah, I wasn’t missing it either.

The stand-up comic’s new series, which starts on Friday, March 25, will include a “mix of music and comedy”.

“The music will all be live, none of this miming palaver!” he told ITV. “And the comedy will be varied.

“Paul Zerdin, the best ventriloquist in the world – says me and my Mum – new star and good mate of mine John Bishop, who’s set to have an amazing 2010, very funny. Lovely but naughty Jo Brand and to mix it up a bit, Joe Pasquale.

“I’ll be having a chat with the audience and finding out how their week has been but only to find funny stories, the stuff you just can’t make up. But I won’t be picking on anyone who doesn’t fancy a chat!”

Honestly. This is like peering down the wrong end of a telescope. In fact, I bet Manford and Co will have put boot polish around the eye-hole leaving us with hilarious rings around our eyes!



Unsurprisingly, Manford revealed that many of his comedy heroes were “old boys” such as Cannon & Ball, Jimmy Tarbuck and Mick Miller. “That’s the comedy I enjoyed as a boy with my family,” he said.

Ladies and Gents, welcome to a world where comics with something to say are drowned out by the New Breed of Wheeltappers and Shunters.

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