Melrose Place: Cahuenga

Wednesday 7 April at 8.00pm on Fiver

The rebooted version of the classic 90s drama continues on Fiver. In this episode, Ella’s new boss, Amanda Woodward, tests her friendship with Riley. Auggie is arrested on suspicion of Sydney’s murder. David is determined to prove his father’s guilt. Lauren spurns David’s advances.

Ella’s world is turned upside down when WPK boss and former Melrose Place resident Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) takes over the LA office of her agency. Amanda wastes no time in firing Caleb and upsetting Ella’s plans for the launch party of Anton V’s jeans campaign. Riley is the face of the new campaign, but Amanda decides to jazz up her background by inventing a fictitious life story of hardship. Ella fears that Riley will not cooperate with the plan – but Amanda is adamant. “If you have a problem, there’s a long list of eager assistants willing to take your place,” she says.

Ella begs Riley to play along with the false life story, warning that she will not be paid for the modelling job if she does not fulfil her publicity commitments. Riley reluctantly agrees to help Ella – but she is not the only one who is suspicious of Amanda’s motives. Caleb accosts Ella outside the office and warns her that Amanda has been taking an unusual interest in her. “She’s been asking all sorts of questions about you,” he says.

Later, at the publicity launch for the jeans campaign, Riley does her best to field questions from the press about her ‘troubled’ past. Ella, meanwhile, is delighted to receive a job offer – and a passionate kiss – from rival publicist Melissa Saks. “Why are you wasting your time at some dead-end PR firm?” Melissa asks. Ella is flattered by the attention, but assures her that she is loyal to Amanda.

However, Ella’s plans quickly come unstuck when Riley cracks under the pressure and tells the assembled press that her life story is false. “I guess your friend’s not such a great friend after all,” Amanda remarks. Riley’s rash decision to storm out of the press launch has profound consequences for both her teaching career and her friendship with Ella…

Elsewhere, Auggie is arrested in connection with Sydney Andrews’s murder. David bails his friend out of jail, but Auggie is disappointed to find his neighbours suspect he may be guilty of the crime. His only support comes from Violet, who is nonetheless disappointed by his behaviour. “You were pretty much out of here the second we slept together,” she reminds him. “When a guy runs off to Mexico, it’s kind of obvious he’s just not that into you.” But love-struck Violet comes to Auggie’s rescue when he considers relapsing into drink – by throwing herself into his arms.

Also this week, David learns that someone may have tried to frame him for Sydney’s murder, and realises there is only one person who fits the bill. “My father. If anyone’s capable of murder, he is,” he tells Auggie. David resolves to search his father’s house for clues, only to discover his mother-in-law, Vanessa, has asked for a restraining order to stop him bothering them. Undeterred, David breaks into his father’s car and makes a shocking discovery… In between his nocturnal investigations, David finds time to woo Lauren. The medical student rejects his advances, only to be won over when David prepares her a special dinner. Riley is quick to notice the change in her friend’s demeanour – and urges her to seize the moment. “The worst thing would be letting your life pass you by and having it take your soul mate with it,” she says.


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