Mythbusters Series Premiere

Mondays From 1st March, 9.00pm

The brand new series of Mythbusters kicks off with six quick-fire fan requests. First up, Adam and Jamie try to send a coconut – with an engraved address on it of course – in the post. Then it’s on to the firing range, as they try to prove that you can light a match with a bullet; examine the ultimate university prank by seeing if you really wet yourself if your hand is placed in a bowl of warm water; and maybe the most disgusting myth ever, where they see if a useable candle can be made from human earwax. And all that’s just in the first episode! Other myths in the series include: could a prisoner break out of jail using nothing more than some water and ten years of saved indigestion pills; another movie myth as the team test whether the bus jump in hit film ‘Speed’ could actually be landed; and could a ricocheting bullet come off three surfaces and return to kill the shooter?

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