Numb3rs: Arm in Arms

Sunday 4 April 2010 at 6.00pm on Five USA

Continuing this week is the sixth series of the intriguing crime drama. In this episode, the FBI searches for a missing batch of guns with a dangerous design fault that makes them more deadly than normal. As the body count rises, Charlie fails to translate his theories into reality, and David struggles to comprehend the killings. Meanwhile, the Eppes brothers have trouble with their romantic commitments.

An innocent man is killed when a stray bullet passes through the outer wall of his home. The FBI establishes that the gun was fired from a warehouse several blocks away, and the fingerprints match those of one Arvin Lindell. As the agents search the warehouse, their suspect pulls up in a truck and opens fire with an incredibly powerful weapon. The agents duck behind their vehicle, but the bullets pass straight through the car. “What the hell is that thing?” asks a bewildered Colby.

After escaping back to base, the agents rush to identify the weapon. “You should have seen the way he came at us,” Liz tells Don. “He was standing in the street like he was invincible!” “With that much firepower in his hand, he pretty much was,” adds David. The team discovers that the gun is one of 5,000 new weapons that were due to be shipped to Saudi Arabia. However, the entire shipment mysteriously vanished.

David and Colby visit local arms dealer Randall Priest, who was named on the original weapons order. David is riled when Randall, who clearly knows who is hiding the guns, refuses to co-operate unless he can strike a deal with the agents. Randall remains cool when David questions the ethics of his profession. “Killing is human nature,” he says. “That’s why we keep on getting better and better at it.”

His demands met, Randall reveals that Arvin is a former docks worker with a sideline in hiding illegal arms imports. Charlie hopes to locate the shipping containers in which the guns are hidden by identifying their pattern of movement through the port. However, things change when Charlie’s colleague Otto spots a diagram of the gun on the wall and tells them it could never function properly in real life. Liz and Charlie initially dismiss his claim, but when Arvin is found dead from injuries consistent with his weapon exploding, the agents begin to give Otto’s theory credence. Otto reveals that the barrel wall is so thin that the gun would inevitably explode after firing more than one magazine. As the hunt for the deadly weapons intensifies, it transpires that Charlie’s method for finding the guns has failed.

Meanwhile, a drive-by shooting in downtown LA kills and injures scores of innocent bystanders. The agents realise that the weapon they are hunting is involved when it transpires that most of the victims were hurt or killed on blocks surrounding the target house. “The round came right through this house, slicing through the whole damn neighbourhood,” David says. Pushed to the limits by the latest incident, the agents seek to make Randall – their only potential source of help – see the error of his ways and lead them to the deadly weapons. Elsewhere this week, Charlie and Amita find that even mathematical equations cannot help them fix a suitable wedding date. Meanwhile, Don is forced to re-evaluate his relationship with Robin after she turns down his marriage proposal.


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