Series finale of The Business Inspector

Wednesday 7 April 2010 at 8.00pm on Five

Concluding this week is the troubleshooting series that aims to transform struggling small businesses. In the final episode, Hilary Devey comes to the rescue of a haulage firm and a health spa. Despite their very different professions and locations, both sets of owners are keen to turn their enterprises around in this harsh economic climate.

No-nonsense, self-made millionaire Hilary Devey is facing one of her toughest challenges yet – to help save a selection of Britain’s floundering businesses. Each week she tackles two struggling outfits and transforms them by introducing some much-needed business sense. Hilary’s expertise and experience make her the ideal candidate to revolutionise failing businesses and teach their owners some invaluable skills.

The Business Inspector shows these aspiring tycoons how to improve their commercial knowhow, cash flow, marketing strategy and even – in some cases – their enthusiasm. Hilary is hoping to impart the skills essential for success, and in the process help a nation of entrepreneurs get its businesses shipshape and profitable. Can she make a difference where it really counts?

This week, Hilary is helping two businesses in two very different industries, both close to her heart – trucking and spa treatment. Having made her millions in the haulage business, Hilary likes nothing better than to pamper herself at a health spa. She is hoping that her passion and years of expertise will be enough to turn the two enterprises around.

Family man Harry runs a decades-old haulage business on the outskirts of Dartford. This is a racket with a lot of history – his grandfather started the family trade with a single horse and cart in the 1930s. Today, Harry’s business still supports his family, with his two sons and a granddaughter working alongside him. It is Harry’s hope that the younger generation will soon take the reigns from him so he can retire. However, due to the recession, trucks are standing stationary in the yard and this once thriving haulage firm is losing money. The Business Inspector wastes no time in rolling up her sleeves and getting to the root of the problem. Given Hilary’s proven track record as one of the most successful haulage entrepreneurs in the country, will the family heed her advice? Or will their pride come before a substantial fall in profits?

Hilary then travels all the way up to Yorkshire to visit Amaana Spa. Owner Saarah’s husband invested over £130,000 of his own money in the business three years ago in order to give Saarah “a focus”. Hilary discovers Saarah is a hands-off boss who needs to take control of her underperforming business. However, this timid country girl needs some of ballsy Hilary’s confidence to rub off if she is to have any chance of turning her salon around. Only time will tell whether she will receive the boost in revenue she so sorely needs.


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