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Wednesday 31 March at 8.00pm

The Business Inspector (Series 1: 3/4) Continuing this week is the troubleshooting series that aims to transform struggling small businesses. In the third episode, Hilary Devey comes to the rescue of a pole-dancing fitness instructor and a dog lover. Despite their very different interests, both budding entrepreneurs dream of making a profit from their hobbies.

No-nonsense, self-made millionaire Hilary Devey is about to face one of her toughest challenges yet – helping to save a selection of Britain’s floundering businesses. Each week she will tackle two struggling outfits and transform them by introducing some much-needed business sense. Hilary’s expertise and experience make her the ideal candidate to revolutionise failing businesses and teach their owners some invaluable skills.

The Business Inspector will show these aspiring tycoons how to improve their commercial knowhow, cash flow, marketing strategy and even – in some cases – their enthusiasm. Hilary is hoping to impart the skills essential for success, and in the process help a nation of entrepreneurs get its businesses shipshape and profitable. Can she make a difference where it really counts?

This week, Hilary sets her sights on transforming two struggling businesses that are worlds apart. Pole-dancing fitness instructor Lou has sunk every spare penny into a new studio, but a lack of interest in her lessons means that she is not even able to take a wage. Meanwhile, dog-mad Nolene is trying to run a pet-grooming service from the garage of her semi.

Things get off to a bad start when Hilary cannot even find Lou’s studio. With no advertising, no web page and no telephone number listed, Lou’s business is all but invisible. It is small wonder she is failing to get people through the door. When Hilary finally locates Affinity Pole Fitness, she is horrified by the shambolic studio and the uninviting classes on offer. She soon finds herself locked in a battle of wills with feisty Lou. Despite the fact that she is struggling to support her young family after sinking every penny she has into her failing business, Lou still thinks that she knows better than Hilary.

Meanwhile, Nolene’s business is being kept afloat by handouts from her husband. Nolene runs Pooch Power dog-grooming service from the garage of her semi in a quiet Bournemouth suburb, and her profits so far stand at just £7,000. Hilary sneakily books in her own pooch to test out the wannabe entrepreneur’s talents. While she is pleased by Nolene’s grooming skills, she is less than impressed with her business sense. Nolene needs to start taking her hobby seriously – and stop dipping into her takings to buy takeaways – if she wants to turn it into hard cash.


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  • Del

    This programme is ridiculous…..I am one of Lou’s students and I have been for two years!!!

    This programme has not portrayed the business and the industry in the correct way. This show has made the dancing look sleezy and did not show any of the difficult tricks that we work towards in class which is where the fitness and workout comes into play. When Hilary showed other businesses the girls dancing the cameraman had zoomed in and filmed the girls crotches which made it look sleezy!!

    Lou is a fantastic teacher and knows her business well. When the filiming started for this programme she had only just taken on the studio and had been there for two weeks!! Hilary Devey is a Miss know it all who knows nothing about pole fitness and the fitness industry!!!

    At not one point in the programme did the narator say that Lou had just moved into her studio and that she had started from nothing. The concept of the classes is to be different and to provide an alternative way for women of all shapes and sizes to feel sexy about themselves, get fit and improve their confidence. It is not everyone’s cup of tea as nothing is but there is definately a huge nieche in the market for it. If lou changed it to boring gym classes i wouldnt go, I go because its fun and POLE DANCING.

    Pole fitness hasnt even yet hit its peak and is the newest worldwide fitness craze..

    I dont think that Channel 5 or Hilary had any right showing the business in such a negative way. There are things they could have helped with without degrading the industry, Lou and millions of women worldwide.

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