CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Neverland

Tuesday 20 April, 9:00pm on Five USA

The hit crime drama continues its tenth season.

In this episode, the CSIs are shocked when forensic evidence links the death of a 14-year-old boy to a man who has been in prison for over two years. But does this mean the prisoner is innocent of all charges, or is something even stranger afoot?

The CSIs are alerted to a body in the desert by an anonymous 911 call. Al determines that the teenage victim, Will Sutter, was killed by bluntforce trauma to the head. The victim’s mother is at a loss to explain what her son might have been doing in the desert – she believed he was safely tucked up in bed. In a bid to learn more about their vic, Sara and Nick speak to his two closest friends. The boys, Mason and Steve, distanced themselves from their former buddy because they considered him too immature.

While Will was still interested in action figures and lizard hunting, Mason and Steve had moved on to girls and working out. The boys claim that they last saw Will at school on the previous day. However, Sara’s suspicions are aroused by Steve’s shifty behaviour, and the strong smell of alcohol on his breath. Meanwhile, David uncovers two distinct fibres on Will’s body. One strand is from some kind of furniture upholstery, the other from the inside of an old model of Cadillac.

The case seems to move forward when records from Will’s computer reveal that he was exchanging emails with 40-year-old librarian Craig Lifford, who was keen for the boy to visit an old mine with him. The librarian denies that the meeting ever took place, but Ray’s eye is drawn to the scratches covering the man’s wrists. However, the course of the investigation swerves dramatically when Wendy drops a bombshell about the blood found under the victim’s nails. She has positively matched it to Simon Rose – a murderer Sara helped catch after he killed his wife.

However, Rose is currently serving time for the killing, begging the question of how his blood came to be on the victim’s body. Rose’s legal team immediately seizes on the development, with his ambitious lawyer Lynn Stagner claiming that someone with identical DNA to her client must have murdered both Will and Rose’s wife. Sara, however, remains convinced that Rose is guilty, and goes so far as to accuse the murderer’s legal team of planting the evidence on the boy’s body. When the CSIs find Stagner’s card in Mason’s room, Sara’s theory begins to add up. But would the lawyer’s ruthless thirst for success really drive her to order a hit?

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