CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Panty Sniffer

Tuesday 27 April, 9:00pm on Five

The hit crime drama continues its tenth season. In this episode, Catherine and Vartann stake out a hotel room narcotics lab, while the discovery of a woman’s body leads Ray and Nick into a murky underground fetish scene. As Archie leaves a Vegas hotel after installing surveillance cameras for Catherine and Vartann’s drugs sting, he stumbles across a woman’s body in a lorry-loading bay. Ray, Nick and David are soon at the scene, where they establish that the victim, Sasha, worked as an events planner at the hotel casino. She appears to have been pushed down the stairs after an altercation, but the CSIs suspect a sexual motive when they notice that her underwear is missing. In search of answers, Ray and Nick attend the hotel’s live lingerie show, where Nick struggles to focus on the task in hand. The CSIs learn that the boss, Lon Rose, makes a fortune by selling vacuum-packed, used women’s underwear at $2,000 a pair. Lon reveals that on the night of Sasha’s death, he had to eject a regular from the show. The man, Clint Pudder, tried to sneak back in, and Lon sent him down to see Sasha to talk. Nick figures that Pudder murdered Sasha in a fit of rage, then stole her underwear to satisfy his fetish. Pudder denies the allegation, claiming that he spent the night in his hotel room along with a stash of panties he bought at the lingerie show. Just as DNA evidence proves Pudder’s innocence, Archie discovers that Sasha was involved in Lon’s sordid business. When the CSIs interrogate him, Lon produces Sasha’s missing underwear, along with a bizarre reason for why he would never have killed his friend… Elsewhere this week, in a suite in the very same hotel, sparks fly between Catherine and Vartann as they lie in wait for their chance to snare a group of young drug dealers who have set up an ecstasy factory in the room next door.

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