CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Unshockable

Thursday 15 April 2010 at 9.00pm on Five USA

The hit crime drama continues its tenth season. In this episode, Ray and Sara run into obstacles as they attempt to get to the bottom of a retired CIA director’s death. Meanwhile, Nick and Catherine investigate after a musician is deliberately electrocuted on stage.

When the body of an elderly man washes up in a swamp, it looks as if a fishing trip might have ended in tragedy. However, Ray becomes suspicious when he finds a number of clues in the dead man’s pockets that indicate a CIA connection. A postmortem reveals that the victim suffered a blow to the head, but also that he was suffering from terminal cancer. As Ray tries to identify the body, Catherine gets a mysterious phone call from CIA director Craig Halliday. He informs her that her vic, Vance Colton, is a former CIA director.

Arriving at Colton’s home to collect evidence, Sara and Ray find Halliday ordering his men to strip it bare. “Since when is a mattress a national security issue?” asks Sara as she looks on. In Colton’s yard, the CSIs notice a canoe is missing, and downriver they locate the place where it clearly washed up – but the vessel has been removed. On the bank, Sara and Ray observe two German men photographing them. Knowing that Colton was responsible for conducting an operation against the German Stasi, the CSIs suspect they have found their killers.

Back at base, David’s computer is hacked, and a manuscript for a tell-all book Colton was working on at the time of his death is uploaded onto the machine. The tome makes explosive revelations about an important German political figure. It emerges that the source of the hack is a motel room occupied by Colton’s estranged son, Larry. By the time the CSIs arrive at the motel, however, Larry has been shot dead. Lying next to his body is a set of photographs showing him attacking his father with a canoe paddle. But if Larry killed his father, who killed him?

Elsewhere, at a performance by country music band Rascal Flatts, bassist Jay is electrocuted mid-song. Catherine notices that the fern-like marks running down his arms are inconsistent with the low-voltage shock he should have received. Jay also appears to have lost his memory. When the rest of the band visit the hospital, singer Gary’s phone rings, playing the group’s most famous song. “What the hell is that noise?” asks a confused Jay. “Noise? Dude, you wrote that song,” replies Gary, incredulously.

Nick and Catherine discover that, on the night of the concert, the band had a huge fistfight because Jay revealed that he wanted to embark on a solo career. Nick starts to take Jay’s guitar apart to look for answers, but he quickly realises the guitar has been swapped. “I think we’re doing a guitar autopsy on the wrong instrument,” he tells Al. “One of those Rascal Flatts guys is jerking us around.”

The CSIs eventually trace the original guitar to the home of crazed fan Mona Petrovitch, who claims she found it in a rubbish bin. “Just look, don’t touch,” Mona pleads with Greg and Nick. “Jay’s fingers are still on it,” she adds, referring to the burnt skin left behind after the shock. As the CSIs investigate, they uncover a trail of electronic evidence leading back to a jealous roadie with a thirst for fame…


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