Foyle's War continues on ITV1

Sunday, 18 April 2010, 8:00PM on ITV1

Michael Kitchen returns to star in a brand new series of ITV1’s top rating and award winning drama Foyle’s War.

The three new films see the return of Samantha Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks) and the newly promoted Detective Inspector Paul Milner (Anthony Howell).

Killing Time is the second episode of the series and explores the issue of the Black GIs stationed in Britain. They were not being used as part of the occupying forces, for fear that it would exacerbate a very sensitive situation, so were barracked in the UK until they were sent home. This episode looks at the racial tensions caused when a local girl is murdered and an Black GI comes under immediate suspicion.

The war might have ended, but Hastings is at the centre of mounting racial tensions. The white GIs are being shipped back home leaving the Black GIs on the US base, with time to kill until transport becomes available to take them home. DCS Foyle is called to a civic meeting to discuss the possibility of imposing a colour bar to protect the locals from the growing troubles, a policy he is far from happy about.

Meanwhile, Sam has become the new Assistant Manager of Hill House, a dilapidated local guest house. She is now working with kindred spirit, Adam Wainwright, whom she met in the previous episode. They are both pretty hopeless at running the guest house, but muddle through as best they can as their friendship deepens. Mandy Dean is one of the residents: disowned by her family, she is a young, vulnerable new mother going it alone because of the racial prejudices levelled against her and her mixed race baby. The father is an Black GI. Mandy’s life becomes more complicated yet when her ex-boyfriend, conscientious objector Tommy Duggan, returns home his wartime forestry duty and hopes to win her back.

When Mandy’s body is discovered on the US army base, racial tensions reach boiling point and the finger of blame is swiftly pointed at her army sweetheart, Gabe Kelly. Foyle begins to investigate but is not convinced that Gabe could be capable of such a brutal crime. It is not long before Foyle finds himself going head to head against the US army and all of its might.

Guest stars include Obi Abili, Max Brown, Nick Dunning, Nicholas Gleaves, Adam James, Charlotte Riley, Sam Spruell, John Sharian and Zoe Telford.

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