Foyle's War: The Hide

Sunday, 25 April 2010, 8:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

The Hide

The British Free Corps were bizarre collection of misfits and traitors…Englishmen fighting for the Nazis. The third and final episode, The Hide, takes a closer look at this splinter group and raises the themes of loyalty to king and country and family ties as the newly retired Foyle battles to save a young man from the executioner’s noose, in his most personal case yet.

At last the day has arrived that Foyle has been waiting for. A replacement has been chosen and Christopher Foyle can walk out of Hastings Police Station, his tenure as Detective Chief Superintendent finally over.

However, when he spots the headline in a national paper about a member of a distinguished Hastings family sentenced to hang for treason he realises that he might have one last case to explore before he starts afresh.
Foyle visits James Devereaux in his cell and what follows are a series of mysterious meetings between a damaged young man intent on self destruction and Foyle, who will not give up on him.

In another part of Hastings, Sam and Adam have battles of their own to fight: Hill House is suffocating under mounting debts and the dark shadow of the town planners whose vision of Hastings is everything that Hill House is not ��” so it has to go. Working together, they finally manage to secure the future of the guest house, when disaster strikes and a huge explosion destroys all their hard work. Will Sam and Adam find happiness amid the ruins and debris of their shared enterprise?

Meanwhile the clock is ticking as Foyle desperately searches for any evidence to clear James Devereaux’s name. What becomes apparent is that this case means more to Foyle than any that he has previously undertaken and what he discovers shatters him to the core.

The Hide stars Max Brown, Anastasia Hille, Will Keen and Andrew Scott.

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