Numb3rs: Cause and Effect

Wednesday 28 April, 11:00pm on Five

The sixth season of the crime drama reaches its conclusion. After Don’s gun is stolen from him during a scuffle, it is used as the weapon in a series of vigilante killings that threatens to overshadow Charlie and Amita’s wedding celebrations. As Don makes a routine arrest, his gun is knocked out of his hand and subsequently stolen. Soon afterwards, the LAPD contacts the agents to inform them that two drug dealers have been found dead, courtesy of bullets from Don’s missing weapon. Before long, social networking sites are buzzing with stories of the ‘cop’s gun’, which deals with criminals the police and FBI have failed to apprehend. It seems that the weapon is being passed around town between various angry vigilantes. The agents are eventually able to trace it to a 15-year-old boy whose family are being terrorised by their neighbour. But have they arrived too late to prevent the damaged boy from taking his revenge? Meanwhile, in light of their decision to move to England (see last week’s episode, ‘Growin’ Up’), Charlie and Amita bring forward their wedding and marry in an intimate ceremony. However, the couple take a break from festivities to help solve what might possibly be their last case with the FBI. Elsewhere, Don makes a life-changing decision, Alan resolves to move out of the house, and agent Ian Edgerton (Lou Diamond Phillips, ‘Young Guns’, ‘Stand and Deliver’) returns.

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