Numb3rs: Growin' Up

Thursday 29 April, 10:00pm on Five USA

The crime drama continues its sixth season. This week’s episode is directed by Rob Morrow (Don). The team investigates the murder of a successful author who wrote a best-selling book based on a childhood trauma he endured with two friends. Elsewhere, Charlie and Amita accept a job abroad, and David uncovers some surprising facts about Charlie and Colby. A TV reporter named Mary is doing a retrospective news story about three men who suffered a terrible childhood trauma. Sean, Devin and Matt were kidnapped and raped by their school teacher, Andy Winslow, when they were ten years old. The experience defined their lives in different ways. Sean is now a successful litigation attorney and a likely candidate for the mayoral election. Devin is a best-selling self-help author who turned his experiences into a book. The third victim was Mary’s brother, Matt, who recently killed himself after a long battle with depression and drug abuse. Tragedy strikes again when Devin is shot as he arrives for his interview with Mary. As Don and the team take charge of the case, they discover there was a fourth man involved. Mike Nash, whose identity had been hidden, was also a victim of Andy Winslow. It transpires that Mike shot Devin because he exploited their experience to make a film version of the story. However, further investigation reveals an even more shocking secret. When Winslow was released from jail, his four victims ganged up on him and assaulted him in retaliation for his crime. Winslow then tried to blackmail the four men. The convict’s attempts to gain revenge over his former pupils led to a tangled web of secrets, lies and recrimination… Also this week, Charlie and Amita are forced to postpone their wedding when they accept a sixmonth teaching position at Cambridge University. Larry returns to teaching and is offered a job working with Alan at the software company. And David uncovers some personality quirks in Colby and Charlie while updating their service reports.

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