The Bill - 13 April 2010

Tuesday, 13 April 2010, 9:00PM

Jimmy Ferrier (Steve Nicolson) a known drug dealer approaches D.C. Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons) about the death of his brother Mitch Ferrier. Mickey was an old friend of Mitch’s and Jimmy hopes he will be able to investigate the case.

Mickey and D.S. Max Carter (Christopher Fox) meet Jimmy (Steve Nicolson) in a local pub where he reveals that Mitch had been being followed by a car for several weeks leading up to his death. He plays them a voicemail from Mitch who sounds panicked and distressed claiming that he was being followed again. Several minutes after the message was left Mitch was knocked off his bike and killed. Mickey and Max attend Mitch’s funeral to dig deeper into Mitch’s life and his associates and they become suspicious of Ryan Lacey (Michael McKell) – a known drug dealer who has turned up.

Whilst Mitch’s family are at the funeral Mitch’s home and his café are broken into and turned over. Mickey speaks to Jimmy Ferrier about the possibility that Ryan Lacey is involved in Mitch’s death when the investigation reveals that Mitch and Ryan have previously had a fight. Jimmy is adamant that Ryan and Mitch didn’t know each other and that Ryan has nothing to do with his brother’s death. But when the team later discover a gun in Mitch’s café that is forensically linked to Ryan Lacey they persuade Jimmy to meet with Ryan and confront him about Mitch. Intent on nailing Ryan, Max convinces D.I. Manson (Andrew Lancel) that they can at least charge Ryan with drug offences even if he had nothing to do with Mitch’s death. Mickey is unhappy but agrees to go along with it.

Whilst waiting outside Ryan Lacey’s club for Jimmy Ferrier, Mickey and Max are summoned into the club to join the conversation under the guise of being Jimmy’s friends. Mickey is shocked and angered when Max joins Jimmy and Ryan in snorting cocaine – Max later insists he had to go along with it so they wouldn’t get rumbled. Ryan denies any involvement in Mitch’s death but admits he gave him with the gun for protection when he was being followed. Does Ryan know more than he’s letting on or will further investigations uncover another suspect?..

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