The Bill: Great Responsibility

Thursday, 8 April 2010, 9:00PM

Great Responsibility (part 2) (continues from part 1 Great Power)

It is the aftermath of the football riot and the team are under fire from the media for containing fans on match day. The press claim this ‘kettling’ contributed to the death of a man, Yusef Hanoush (Emanuele Interlici), whose body was discovered during the riot clean up. The press are speculating that this was a race related murder.

Just as Superintendent Meadows (Simon Rouse) and Commander Lisa Kennedy (Julie Graham) are about to hold a press conference regarding the murder, the team pull Superintendent Meadows aside to inform him that they have spotted Commander Kennedy’s son Mark (Finn Jones) on CCTV running from the alley where Yusef Hanoush’s body was found. Superintendent Meadows shows the footage to Commander Kennedy who cannot hide her shock and concern. Mark Kennedy is taken in for questioning.

In the meantime the team discover that Yusef Hanoush had been having an affair with Karen Mills (Michelle Abrahams) the owner of the laundry where he worked. Yusef’s wife believed that he had been going to all away matches, but data from his Oyster card reveals he had been visiting Karen at home.

Back at the station Mark Kennedy is questioned about the stabbing of Mr Hanoush. He is shown the CCTV evidence of him fleeing the scene and questioned over the phone calls made to his mother (Commander Kennedy) after the estimated time of Yusef Hanoush’s death. Mark finally admits to being in the alley but denies any involvement in the stabbing.

Two further suspects are arrested but will their version of events match up with Mark Kennedy’s and how will Commander Kennedy deal with the inevitable fall out of the situation?

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