The Parent Trip: George and Larry Lamb

Thursday, 22 April 2010, 9:00PM on ITV2

George and Larry travel through the desolate landscape of Namibia to meet the men of the semi-nomadic Himba tribe, and embark on a vital cattle herding journey to find fresh grazing ground. November is known as suicide month in Namibia, when people are desperate for rains and the temperature is getting increasingly hot. The Himba’s cattle are their lifeline. The tribe rely on the herd for their staple diet of curdled milk and their ethos is simple: keep the cattle alive to keep the family alive. Larry and George learn these vital herding skills as they embark on a journey which takes them across spectacular scenery, from the desert to the mountains of Namibia.

Living in the extreme conditions of the Namibian desert, family ties are essential to ensure the survival of the Himba, and George and Larry throw themselves in and participate in all aspects of Himba life – from spending time with the women and children, to being guests of honour at an impromptu Himba ‘rave’ and helping slaughter a goat for a feast.

About the author

  • lisa

    I was overwhelmed with joy when watching that , I’m originally from Namibia and that’s my tribe it just filed me with joy to know that George and Larry went to experiences as that one very rarely unknown tribe !!!! thanks again itv2 for showing that it was so interesting how George and Larry enjoy it, being in London for sometime and see that was just the happiest moment ever !!! Thanks itv2 !!!!!!!!

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