BGT act in "brutal murder" drama

BGT act in “brutal murder” drama

BGT hopefuls, duo Othelio, have been ordered to leave the show after it was revealed that one-half of the act, Deborah Stephens, hid the fact that she was once involved in a horrific murder case.

The Sun reports today that Deborah “watched in terror” as her then partner Michael Maddison beat two men to death using a baseball bat.

The incident, which occurred in 1992, saw Maddison being handed a life sentence for the murders of Allan Cunning and Darren Hall, both of whom were in their early 20s. However, it seems he was released in 2004.

And although Deborah had “no part” in the murders, the mother of one of the victims contacted the show’s bosses to complain that she and husband Craig were on the show.

A show insider told the paper, “Bosses felt there was too much focus on their past than their actual act.

“This scrutiny wouldn’t be beneficial to them.

“The fact they didn’t tell us about their past didn’t help. “We could have planned how to deal with it but instead it came out of the blue.”

The paper also quotes Deborah as saying, “It’s a closed book. It’s something he’s done. I am an innocent person.”

And a BGT spokesperson said, “I can confirm that Othelio won’t be progressing further on the show.

“We have a duty of care and felt it was best they didn’t continue.”

The mother of Darren, Carol Hall, is also quoted in the paper, speaking of her relief that the duo have been booted off the show.

Carol said, “Hopefully this will act as a deterrent for future acts so they cannot hide secrets which could cause so much distress.

“We do not want anyone else to suffer similar pain all over again.”

Meanwhile, Allan’s mum, 62 year old Margarita, revealed that she was “quite happy” about the decision to dump the act.

More BGT news soon.

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  • dave

    If it is true that she had no part in the murderss then why should she be victimized for this. surely she should be able to move on from such an ordeal

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