Children's Hospital on ITV1

Tuesday, 4 May 2010, 7:30PM – 8:00PM on ITV1

Episode 6

The star of episode one of Children’s Hospital, seven year old Jack Norfolk, is back. Today, Jack and his mum, Jeni Spilsbury, will meet surgeon Andrew Henry to find out if an operation to repair his hip has been a success. Jack suffers from a range of genetic diseases including poor eyesight caused by glaucoma. Later, he will visit an eye specialist to see if the eye drops he’s taking are working; if not he’ll have to undergo surgery for the 23rd time in his short life.

In the ICU (intensive care unit) four year old Reuben is fighting for his life after being rushed in by his parents, Stephen and Nicola, five days ago. The doctors at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital have discovered that Reuben’s heart is failing but they don’t know why. Clinical Director of Critical Care, Peter Marc Fortune, explains: “We need to go through a list of things that could be wrong and run a battery of tests to see if we can find out what is wrong and diagnose the condition”.

Meningitis and swine flu are quickly ruled out, but now begins an anxious waiting game for Stephen and Nicola, who stand helplessly by while the doctors battle against the clock to find out why Reuben’s body is shutting down.

It’s good news for Jack as the operation on his hip has been a success and, after some physiotherapy, he should soon be on his feet again. However, now he’s about to find out whether he needs an eye operation. Jack is apprehensive saying: “‘I have a funny feeling I will need an operation”. He hates going into theatre and it never gets any easier. But mum Jeni is full of praise for her resilient little boy, saying: “I’m the one who gets down in the dumps, not Jack”.

Meanwhile, it’s another busy day in the RMCH’s dedicated children’s A&E Department: 12 year old Jordan has cut his leg playing on the ice and seven year old Altom has broken all three bones in his arm after a fall.

Series producer: Tanya Cohen
Executive producer: Mark Downie
Production company: Maverick Television

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