CSI: NY: Redemption

Sunday 9 May, 9:00pm on Five USA

The sixth season of the crime drama continues. When a prisoner requests Hawkes’s presence at his execution, the CSI gets caught up in a prison riot. Inside, he comes face to face with the man who murdered his sister, and tries to prevent an old adversary from escaping. After personally requesting Hawkes’s presence at his execution, prisoner Reggie Tifford confesses to the CSI that he murdered his older sister, Maya. Hawkes’s sister was a drug addict who died ten years ago, and until this point he has remained silent about the killing. Shaken, Hawkes sits down to watch the execution, but the guard drops dead as he is about to administer the lethal injection. Based on the acrid smell coming from the guard’s body, Hawkes concludes that the man was poisoned with cyanide. Warden Davis Ollenstein locks the prison down and postpones Reggie’s execution, but an incident leads to all the cell doors being automatically opened. The prisoners immediately start rioting, and Hawkes spots his old enemy Shane Casey (Edward Furlong, ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’) among the mayhem. Reggie approaches Hawkes, and hides him in a storage room. From his hiding spot, Hawkes contacts his colleagues, who have just learned about the theft of Danny’s badge by Shane Casey (see episode 12, ‘Criminal Justice’). While Mac obtains the prison blueprints with the intention of helping Hawkes break out, Reggie convinces the CSI to change into a prison uniform for his own safety. He tells Hawkes that his sister had quit drugs before her death and tried to help him do the same, but he accidentally killed her while he was high. Reggie claims that he wants to help Hawkes for Maya’s sake. Reggie and the CSI make their way to Casey’s cell, where Hawkes finds evidence proving that the deranged killer orchestrated the riots. It is clear that Casey intends to escape using Danny’s badge as cover, but Reggie is the only person capable of helping Hawkes thwart Casey’s plans. Can Hawkes trust the man who killed his sister?

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