CSI: NY: Rest In Peace, Marina

Sunday 9 May, 9:00pm on Five USA

The sixth season of the crime drama continues. Sid rules that the death of a woman pursuing answers about her twin brother’s disappearance is a suicide, but Stella is certain that she was murdered. Is Sid losing his edge, or has Stella become too emotionally invested in the case? When Stella learns about the death of a woman who has been calling her every Monday for three years hoping for news of her missing twin brother, she is shocked to learn that Sid has recorded a verdict of suicide. The woman, Marina Garito, recently contacted Stella with news that she had made a breakthrough after 15 years of searching for her brother, Luke, who vanished when they were children. But Marina died before Stella could learn anything about her breakthrough. Convinced that Marina would never kill herself without obtaining closure, Stella persuades the other CSIs to help her assemble the evidence. The first breakthrough comes when Aubrey arrives at the lab with Marina’s clothes. It transpires that Aubrey is the ER doctor who treated Marina before she died from a gunshot wound to the stomach. Aubrey is surprised by the suicide verdict. At the time, she noted that Marina’s hand was in a position that indicated she had been clutching something when she died, suggesting that she was struggling for her life. This is all the evidence the CSIs need to gain a warrant to search the victim’s apartment. At Marina’s flat, Stella and Flack are surprised by a man who jumps out of a wardrobe and flees the scene. Stella follows him into a leisure centre, where the man knocks her unconscious and attempts to drown her in the pool. Flack manages to save Stella, but the attacker escapes. From her hospital bed, Stella identifies her attacker as Marina’s stepfather, Tony Dirisa. He was the prime suspect when Luke disappeared, but there was insufficient evidence to charge him. At the leisure centre, Adam recovers a pillow, while Lindsay and Hawkes find a thin piece of foam. Lindsay ascertains that the foam shape was made when a shot was fired through a pillow -meaning that Marina was murdered. Mac hypothesises that Dirisa killed his stepdaughter, then returned to the crime scene to cover his tracks, hence the pillow in the pool. But can the discovery of Marina’s killer lead the CSIs to her missing twin? Meanwhile, Sid suffers a crisis of confidence after the other CSIs disprove his suicide verdict, but Hawkes is on hand to reassure him that he would have drawn the same conclusion. And Flack, inspired by Stella’s persistence, takes steps to help a man pursuing his own unanswered questions.

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