EastEnders’ Melissa Suffield - Lucy Beale - fired!

EastEnders’ Melissa Suffield – Lucy Beale – fired!

According to media reports today, Melissa Suffield, who plays Lucy Beale in EastEnders, has been sacked for “unruly behaviour.”

It seems that 17 year old Melissa has been issued with official warnings for her outside work behaviour, including being photographed leaving a nightclub.

However, the last straw came of the show’s bosses when Melissa posted “suggestive” pictures of herself on the net, one of which showed her holding a lollipop to her face, and a caption accompanying the image read, “Suck me for pleasure.”

The paper added, “In the pictures she’s also seen smoking and posing provocatively in a lacy black bra.”

A show source told the paper, “Melissa has been hauled before bosses on a number of occasions for her behaviour and attitude outside work…

“In the end they made the decision to let her go.

“The way she’s been behaving out of work over the last few months is not acceptable.

“Melissa is 17 and wants to go out, have fun and do what she likes.

“But that kind of behaviour doesn’t work when you’re on a show like EastEnders.

“She was given a warning a couple of months back after she was photographed going into a London club.

“So when things didn’t improve they had no choice but to write her out of the show.”

A show spokesperson added, “Melissa will be leaving in the summer.

“She’s had a fantastic six years and we wish her the best of luck.

“Her exit will be dramatic, just like you would expect of a character like Lucy.”

More EastEnders news soon.

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