Grey's Anatomy: The Heart of the Matter

Friday 7 May, 10:00pm on Five

The Emmy Award-winning medical drama continues. In this instalment, Richard has to treat his young cancer-stricken niece, and Callie’s personal woes infringe on her professional life. “However hard you try, however good your intentions, you’re going to make mistakes,” announces Meredith as she contemplates the human condition. It appears that Callie shares a similar outlook, as she is surprisingly lenient on George’s newly revealed infidelity with Izzie. “We took our vows, so I forgive you,” she tells him. George is then concerned that Callie will vent her anger on Izzie. At the hospital, George frantically searches for Izzie to warn her that Callie may be on the warpath. However, Callie finds her first. “Cafeteria. Noon. You and me. Be there,” she tells a nervous Izzie. As word spreads around the hospital about this apparent ultimatum, everybody gears up for a physical fight between the two women. Meanwhile, Richard’s cancer-stricken teenage niece Camille is admitted to the hospital. As the girl is unable to breathe, Izzie is forced to perform an emergency tracheotomy. When Camille’s condition stabilises, the doctors learn that her cancer is now widespread and she has little hope of survival. Camille surprises Richard by insisting that she wants to stop her treatment and be allowed to go home to die in peace. Richard’s childless wife Adele, who dotes on Camille, has other ideas. She wants him to convince Camille to undergo harsh treatment that has little hope of succeeding. This conflict between his family and professional life puts a fresh strain on Richard’s volatile relationship with Adele. Callie is also finding it difficult to separate her job from her love life. After she is left devastated by the embarrassment of her lunchtime showdown with Izzie, Callie must then treat a woman who is dangerously ill due to her boyfriend’s punishing diet and exercise regime. The strain is too much for Callie, and she launches into a tirade against the man. The outburst very nearly costs Callie her career, but Miranda steps in before the confrontation turns physical. Callie, however, is far from finished and has saved some harsh words for Izzie. “It’s not bad enough that you humiliate me by getting in bed with my husband, you have to humiliate me at work too! Don’t you dare come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch,” she spits. Elsewhere, Meredith and the new bumbling intern Norman are involved in a major mix-up when they inform the wrong patient that she is dying. The woman then goes missing, leaving them with a lot of explaining to do – and possible disciplinary action. Meredith also plans to take a weekend break with Derek, but his blossoming friendship with Lexie complicates matters. Meredith’s paranoia that the two are talking about her leads Derek to re-evaluate their romance. Cristina is also resentful of Lexie’s newfound arrogance, and is disciplined for being too harsh on her intern. Will she be able to mature in order to become a better resident doctor and teacher?

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