Justified: Fixer

Wednesday 5 May, 10:00pm on Five USA

Continuing on Five USA this week is the explosive action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as nononsense southern lawman Raylan Givens. In this instalment, tricks and betrayals abound as Givens investigates the activities of a bookmaker-turnedinformant and his enforcer. At the station, Tim Gutterson has a surprise for Givens – he ‘gives’ him Arnold Pinter, an eccentric police informant who is passed from one new deputy to another as part of an initiation ritual. Givens visits Pinter (David Eigenberg, ‘Sex and the City’) at a restaurant and is shown to his seat by flirtatious waitress Samantha. It is clear that Pinter and Samantha are an item, but that does not stop her making eyes at Givens. Once a big-time bookie, Brooklynite Pinter is now scraping together as much money as he can for his ‘escape fund’, so he can leave Kentucky for good. He tells Givens the whereabouts of ‘Tiny’ Mason, a fugitive wanted by the Kentucky police who escaped during a prison transfer after pulling his shackles apart. “I have a feeling the name ‘Tiny’ is meant to be ironic,” says Givens. Pinter risks the physical danger of informing on such a brute for the $20,000 on offer for his capture. After tracking down Tiny to the home of his common-law wife, Sherese, the marshals are met with surprisingly little resistance. Having interrupted Tiny and Sherese during a bondage session, Tiny is already handily shackled to his bed. Givens is then asked to deliver the money owed to Pinter for the tip-off. Meanwhile, Pinter has a meeting with his enforcer, Curtis Mims. It transpires that a gambler by the name of Travis Travers has placed multiple losing bets with Pinter under three different names, and now owes the bookie $15,000. Curtis visits Travis brandishing a pair of secateurs. “If you don’t come up with the money, I’m gonna start pruning things off you,” he tells the cornered gambler. Travis stops Curtis by telling him that he has a plan that could earn them both a lot of money. Givens returns to the restaurant with the reward money, but finds Pinter strangely absent. The other marshals dismiss Pinter’s disappearance as trivial, but Givens is not convinced. “Something’s making my neck-hair stand up,” he mutters. His hunch proves correct, as it transpires that Curtis and Travis have tied Pinter up in order to locate his ‘escape fund’. They bring in Samantha from the restaurant, and tell Pinter that they will start cutting her up if they do not find out the whereabouts of the money. “Knock yourself out,” Pinter replies. As she is one of the few people who knew about the money, he has correctly deduced that she is in cahoots with his kidnappers, and that the threat against her is an elaborate bluff. Chasing up his hunch, Givens locates the house where the gang is holding Pinter. Curtis answers the door and is close to drawing his gun on Givens, but hesitates when the lawman mentions that the money kept at the station for Pinter can be ‘held’ by Curtis. His greed aroused, Curtis plans to wait for the marshal to return with the money, then kill him for it. “I’m gonna put a hole in his head,” he tells his accomplices. Is Givens going to walk straight into Curtis’s trap, or does the marshal have a trick or two up his own sleeve?

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