Justified: Riverbrook

Wednesday 5 May, 10:00pm on Five USA

Continuing on Five USA this week is the explosive action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as nononsense southern lawman Raylan Givens. In this instalment, Givens goes on the trail of an escaped convict who has buried a large amount of cash. However, he is not the only one after the money… Givens visits Lexington prison, where Boyd is recovering from the gunshot wound he received during their shootout (see last week’s episode, ‘Fire in the Hole’). Boyd has a question for Givens. “Why didn’t you kill me?” he asks. Although Givens insists he was shooting to kill, Boyd is convinced that his life was spared so that he might achieve a higher purpose. “I’m born again in the eyes of the lord,” he tells a sceptical Givens. Meanwhile, a country band made up of prisoners has a gig nearby. Two of the musicians, Price and Cooper, overpower a guard and make a break for it. Curiously, Cooper was due to be released from a 15-year sentence for robbery in just three months. Upon receiving a call over the radio, Givens decides to investigate. However, while stopped at a petrol station, he is ambushed by the two convicts, who take his guns, car keys and even his trusty cowboy hat. Cooper then turns on his accomplice and makes off alone in Givens’s car. Before he leaves, he locks the marshal in a cupboard. The next day, Givens learns that Cooper’s ex-wife Shirley, a former erotic dancer, lives in a caravan nearby. He and his colleague Tim Gutterson, a former army sniper, go to visit her, and find her with her lover, Dupree. Despite the couple’s insistence that they have not heard from Cooper in years, Givens’s suspicions are aroused. After the lawmen leave, Cooper surprises the lovers and holds them at gunpoint. It transpires that 15 years earlier, Cooper hid over $150,000 from a bank robbery under the floorboards of a property in the new Riverbrook residential development. Shirley and Dupree have recently been breaking into houses in order to find the loot. When these break-ins made the newspapers, Cooper broke out of prison to get to the money first. As Dupree can bypass alarms, Cooper reluctantly lets the pair come along to the correct house to help him dig out the money. After breaking into a deserted house and ripping up the floorboards, the trio are horrified to find there is no money underneath. As Cooper has no idea where it is, the calculating Dupree decides to take him out of the equation. “I guess we don’t need you anymore,” he tells Cooper, shooting him. Shirley is repentant, but goes with Dupree when he tells her that he has worked out where the money is hidden. Cooper made a mistake when trying to figure out which house to look in, which Dupree has amended. Meanwhile, after a sleepless night, Givens reads the same newspaper article as Cooper and fits the pieces together. As he and the marshals rush down to the Riverbrook development, Dupree and Shirley find the correct house, and tie up the couple who live there. When the cops close in, an enraged Dupree waves his gun around, as Gutterson takes aim with his rifle. It is up to Givens to try to defuse the tense situation. “If you raise your gun again, you’re dead. Aim it at the family, you’re dead. You move too fast – dead,” he tells a jittery Dupree. Will the crook realise there is no way out and drop his weapon, or will Gutterson’s sniping skills be put to the test?

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