Law & Order: Choice of Evils

Saturday 29 May, 10:10pm on Five

The veteran crime drama continues its 16th season. This week, Green and Fontana probe the death of a young tearaway who was sleeping rough in a warehouse. Evidence emerges that the boy’s mother killed him because she feared his violent impulses. A young lad is found shot dead in an abandoned warehouse. The cops struggle to establish the boy’s identity until DNA profiling reveals that the victim’s father is currently in prison. Walter Flint is a convicted serial killer and rapist serving time in Attica. When questioned, cold-blooded Flint reveals he did not even know he had a son. “You gave this kid a life. Somebody stole it and you just don’t give a damn,” Fontana says. “You’re as dead as he is.” Flint reluctantly supplies the name of the only woman who could be the boy’s mother – his ex-wife, Allison (Molly Price, ‘Third Watch’). The victim is revealed to be Danny Ashburn. Fontana and Green pay a visit to his mother, Allison, who married Danny’s stepfather, John, when he was four years old. Allison and John explain that Danny had severe behavioural problems. They claim not to have seen the lad in six months, since they kicked him out of the house. The cops track down Danny’s pregnant girlfriend, Tina, who reveals that she and Danny recently visited his parents begging for money. This contradicts Allison and John’s claim that they had not seen Danny in six months. The detectives grow even more suspicious when they learn that John has access to the same calibre gun as the one that killed Danny. They search the Ashburns’ house and find the weapon hidden away. Ballistics tests confirm that the firearm is the murder weapon. However, John has an alibi for the time of the murder. The cops are shocked to realise that it was Allison, not John, that killed the boy. “I couldn’t go through that pain again,” she explains. “He was becoming just like his father.”

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