Marco's Kitchen Burnout on ITV1

Friday, 14 May 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

This week sees the first semi final of the competition. Coronation Street’s Tupele Dorgu, socialite Nancy Dell’Olio, TV presenter Ruth Langsford and actor Alex Ferns compete for a place in the grand final, all under the watchful eye of Marco Pierre White.

The four celebrities are summoned to London’s famous BT tower for their first challenge where Marco drops the bombshell that the loser of the challenge will leave the competition immediately.

The four celebs must cook a pasta dish in the same time it takes the tower to rotate once. Marco and Alberico Penati, one of the world’s greatest pasta chefs, will then judge the dishes.

As the challenge begins, the pressure of someone leaving the competition so soon causes a panic as the celebrities rush to devise their dishes.

Nancy is first to finish, quickly followed by Alex and then Ruth. But Tupele struggles as she almost fails to complete her dish in time.

With their time up, the celebrities present their dishes to Marco who sends them away whilst he and Alberico taste the dishes.

After much deliberation Marco and Alberico reveal how well the celebrities did. The winner is ecstatic to find out they cooked the best dish. Of those remaining, two of the celebrities had a total disaster in the kitchen. And it is a tearful loser who is finally ejected from the competition.

The remaining three celebrities must battle it out for a place in the final.

The celebrities return to the Burnout kitchen. They must design their menus but this time Marco insists they will not be able to practice their dishes before service. It’s an extremely nerve wracking prospect, as the first people to try their dishes will be the diners.

As before, the celebrities have five minutes each in the Burnout food truck, to grab the ingredients for their menus. But this time Marco is upping the ante, demanding that they each come up with four main courses, rather then three.

The winner of the challenge is first in the truck and has learnt to be as ruthless as possible. They take huge amounts of food to limit their competitor’s choices.

The next contestant in the truck is thrown by the lack of choice. The confusion means they fail to grab any tomatoes for their menu. A mistake which they bitterly regret.

The final contestant to enter the food truck is forced to grab whatever they can but Marco believes the lack of choice may benefit them in service.

Tensions rise shortly before service is. When Marco makes a last minute change to one of the contestant’s menus, it causes them to freak out.

With the Burnout Restaurant doors open, service begins. First to buy Marco’s time is the contestant in the green kitchen who struggles to cook their sea bream and forgets their pork chops for the first table.

The red kitchen contestant is next to buy time with the great chef as they are unable to serve their mains all at once, causing chaos at the pass.

The chef in the yellow kitchen is flying and sends their mains out as quickly as possible. They buy none of Marco’s time but are they sacrificing quality for quantity?

The green chef is then thrown when a disgruntled diner sends her sea bream back twice, complaining of it being undercooked.

The red chef continues to buy Marco’s time because of the pressures of serving.

Incredibly the yellow chef finishes serving all their diners with half an hour of the service left. They spend the rest of service confidently chatting to their diners.

The red chef has food sent back and must hold their nerve to get their dishes out in time.

In the green kitchen standards start dropping as time runs out. Although it looks like the chef might serve all their diners, the final table have a special request which throws a spanner in the works.

After service there’s a shock for all the contestants as Marco announces his verdict. Of the four who began in this semi final just one makes it through to the final. The three remaining nervously await the results.

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