May 3 2010

  • Malachy and Cheryl share a kiss
  • Michaela gets an internship at the local paper
  • Anita attempts to make friends with Rae

Malachy, Mercedes, and Cheryl

Wanting to prove to herself that she’s still got it despite having been dumped by Calvin, Mercedes tries to share a passionate moment with Malachy but it soon becomes clear that neither of them are really into it.

No longer wishing to continue with the falseness, Malachy decides to head out and shares a few drinks with Cheryl.

As the drinks are downed, Malachy and Cheryl’s shared attraction comes to a head as the two of them begin to start kissing.


Michaela and Zak

Sitting down for a few drinks together, Michaela and Zak spot something in the paper extremely well suited to Michaela as they see a journalism internship advertised.

Whilst the initial news isn’t good and Michaela is turned down, Zak encourages Michaela to fight for the position and so Michaela does exactly that.

Although competition for the internship is tough, Michaela is more than able to prove her worth as she shows her strength as a candidate and is offered the position at the paper.


Anita and Rae

Anita is feeling left out as she spots Theresa starting to make friends with Rae, and not wanting to be pushed out from the group; Anita makes an effort to join in with them also.

Pushing herself to try and be more outgoing seems to work out well for Anita as she begins to start clicking with Rae, as they start drinking alcohol however, Anita’s limited experience in drinking becomes apparent as she soon finds herself feeling extremely giddy.

Unable to handle the alcohol consumption, Anita makes a fool of herself as she’s sick on the floor in front of Rae.

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