New celebrities on Marco's Kitchen Burnout

Friday, 30 April 2010, 9:00PM – 10:00PM on ITV1

This week the celebrities facing the ultimate cooking challenge are actress Debra Stephenson, socialite Nancy Dell’Olio and comedian Jason Byrne.

As usual, they have 72 hours to prepare themselves before they must cook a full service for 25 diners each.

First Marco must judge how well they can cook. He sets them the challenge of preparing a two course meal for boxing legend and former Hell’s Kitchen winner, Barry McGuigan and 17 of his boxing buddies, including current WBA World Light welterweight champion Amir Khan.

The celebrities step into the kitchens of ‘Marcos’ in Chelsea, under the watchful eye of their mentor. They know that the outcome of this challenge could affect the rest of their time in the Burnout Kitchen. They are all nervous as the challenge begins. Not only must they cook in front of Marco but also some of the toughest men in the world.

In the kitchen, Nancy has to steam some halibut, Jason pan fries some Dover Sole and Debra pan fries some steaks.

The three celebrities then learn how to make the dessert ‘Poire Belle Ellen’ from Marco. However, Debra is the only contestant to make it correctly. The others fear this means Debra may win the challenge.

On day two, the contestants enter the burnout kitchen. Marco wants them to design their menus, practice their dishes and present their food to him.

Outside the restaurant is the Burnout food truck which contains a limited selection of ingredients available for their menus. As usual, whoever goes first has a huge advantage.

The winner of the challenge picks calves kidneys, pork and skate as their main dishes. The next celebrity to go in selects chicken, the rest of the calves kidneys and sea bream but panics when they can’t find the potatoes.

The final contestant to enter the truck is left with sea bream, skate and the rest of the chicken.

Jason is up and his first dish goes down well with Marco. However, it all goes downhill from here. His next dish is not to Marco’s taste and Marco refuses to even try Jason’s last dish.

Marco warns Jason that he needs to concentrate on cooking his meats properly otherwise they’ll be sent back.

Nancy is next and is delighted to impress Marco with her menu of three Italian main courses.
All her dishes go down well.

Finally, Marco’s tries Debra’s meals and loves one of her main courses.

Marco then gives his verdict on all three. He feels Jason will not be afraid to have a go, Debra can cook well and Nancy should fare well as she is not afraid of the stove.

On the morning of the service, the celebrities set about preparing everything in time for feeding that evening’s diners. The diners will be scoring the celebrities. Whoever receives the highest score will automatically go through to the semi-final. Marco will choose one of the remaining two to join them. As the diners arrive, Marco reveals to the celebrities that they can call upon his time if they get into trouble. But it will come at a cost ��” for every minute bought, a point will be deducted from their final score.

During service some of Jason’s food is undercooked and he struggles. But he tries to rectify things by buying some of Marco’s time. Deborah manages to be feed everyone in time but also needs to buy some of Marco’s time to get her through. Finally, Nancy manages to feed her diners but with just seconds to go. Having also bought some of Marco’s time, our expert chef has never been in such demand.

The celebrities have all faced their own personal challenges throughout the service and wait nervously for the diner’s results to come in.

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