The Gadget Show on Fiver

Tuesday 4 May, 8:00pm on Fiver

The consumer technology show hosted by Jason Bradbury, Jon Bentley, Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley continues. This week, the tech wizards participate in their very own sports day. Jon goes in search of peace and quiet in Pisa, and the team opens a gadget graveyard. It is sports day on ‘The Gadget Show’, and Suzi, Ortis, Jason and Jon limber up to take part in a series of events that would put any village fete to shame. As usual, there is a twist, and the four presenters will be relying on technological innovations past and present to help them win. Gadgets at the team’s disposal include a Wii console, an Easyglider, Usain Bolt’s trainers and a medieval trebuchet. But who will reach the finish line first? Elsewhere this week, Jon visits Pisa, one of Europe’s noisiest cities, to test out the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market. His attempts to find a quiet spot to sample an Italian dish end with him sitting next to a busy road junction. Can any of the products live up to their claims and give Jon the peace and quiet he craves? Meanwhile, Jason presents his top five pointlessbut- fun websites, and the team unveils a new gadget graveyard. Which piece of obsolete tech will be the first to be put six feet under?

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