CSI: NY: Meat Jekyll

Sunday 13 June, 9:00pm on Five USA

The tenth season of the Las Vegas-based forensic crime drama concludes on Five this week. The CSIs start to close in on Dr Jekyll, but the only person who can help them is serial killer Nate Haskell. Will trusting a psychopath prove to be Langston’s downfall? After Haskell’s phone call to Langston, in which he claimed to know the identity of Dr Jekyll (see last week’s episode, ‘Doctor Who’), Willows allows the serial killer to be brought in for questioning. As expected, Haskell toys with the CSIs before he reveals his first cryptic nugget of information – he has a souvenir from the night he met Dr Jekyll. In the evidence box relating to Haskell’s crimes, the team finds a piece of farfalle pasta wrapped with a spaghetti ribbon. The significance of this item does not escape the CSIs, who immediately recognise its resemblance to the bow Jekyll tied with his first victim’s intestines. It appears that Haskell’s souvenir came from a restaurant frequented by each of Jekyll’s victims. Haskell refuses to cooperate further, demanding perks such as a stripper and a steak dinner in return for information. However, without the killer’s assistance, the CSIs are able to pinpoint the venue as a now-closed restaurant named Venetti’s. Inside the abandoned building, the walls are decorated with photos of regular customers – including each of Jekyll’s previous victims. Meanwhile, Langston receives a package – apparently sent by his father, who died ten years earlier. Inside he finds his old CSI identification, which was stolen by Jekyll (see episode 17, ‘Irradiator’), and a piece of dried meat. Further clues inside the box indicate that the next victim will be killed slowly by a device inserted into the abdomen. Will Jekyll be found before he strikes again, or are the two psychopaths playing a deadly game with the CSIs?

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