EastEnders: Jake Wood on all things Max

EastEnders: Jake Wood on all things Max

Eastenders star Jake Wood has been revealing what he thinks of his character, Max Branning, and his hopes for the ginger-headed lothario’s future.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Jake first stated – as if we didn’t know – that Max is, “his own worst enemy.”

He added, “His driving force is that he wants his family back and I think, more than anything else, he wants to be a good father.

“I think he missed out on that with his own son Bradley and that’s left a gaping hole that he’s struggling to fill.

“I’ve got great affection for him [Max]. He’s always well-intentioned but I think he makes the wrong choices.

“He can be weak, he’s easily led when it comes to sex specifically. But underneath all the shenanigans, his heart is in the right place.”

And on the subject of Max’s latest love interest, Vanessa Gold – who’s played by Zoe Lucker – Jake revealed that he’s having a great time working with Zoe.

He said, “I’d never met Zöe before, even though she’s a friend of another good friend of mine, Kacey Ainsworth, and I think she’s a fantastic addition to the show.

“She’s fabulous in the part and we’re having fun working together. It’s been a joy.”

Jake also took time to mention the soon to be departing Lacey Turner, who of course plays Stacey Slater.

He said of her leaving, “I think the time’s right for her as she’s been here six years. She took a long time to come to that decision.

“I think she’ll do incredibly well and she wants to do other stuff for a while and I think she’ll be successful doing that.

“She’s an amazing actress and she’s got an incredible future ahead of her.”

And on the topic of Maddie Duggan’s departure – she plays Max’s daughter, Lauren – Jake said, “We all started off at the same time so we’re very close.

“I’m very close with Maddie’s family off screen and I’ve seen her a few times since she finished.

“We all stay in touch and I think again she’s a fabulous actress and I think she’ll do incredibly well.”

Awww bless. More EastEnders cast news soon.

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